1. 2021 European Year of Rail

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    The rail heritage

    The European Commission and the European Parliament have declared 2021 the European Year of Rail
    Although the emphasis is on promoting the railways for transport and travel within the framework of the Green Deal, it should also be realised that the construction of railways and tramways played an important historical role in the growth of Europe and left behind an important heritage.

    We want to use the 2021 European Year of Rail to highlight the importance of the railway heritage, this year and next.
    The website mainly consists of four databases

    • Who's who - a list of organisations involved in the preservation and mise en valeur of railway heritage in Europe - to encourage networking
    • a list of good examples of conservation and re-use of railway heritage (both buildings and infrastructure and lines)
    • a list of activities that will be organised, i.e. a calendar
    • a series of news items and press releases.

    In addition, we also want to build a number of pages devoted to the influence of the railways on art and culture.

    For the moment, only an English version is available, but it is our intention to make the site multilingual.
    You can participate in these databases by filling in and returning the questionnaires (see attachment). In any case, we would like to include your organisation in the who-is-who.


    On the main website of EFAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, since spring last year, we have added information on the European Year of Rail, and - even more important - we launched a European campaign to save endangered rail heritage


  2. First webinar conference on railway heritage: call for papers

    In order to enable an exchange of ideas and experience on how to deal with railway and tramway heritage within the framework of the European Year of Rail, because of COVID we will be organising two online events before the summer holidays, during which aspects of railway heritage conservation can be discussed. These are scheduled in the form of webinars for - 10 May - 7 June in the afternoon: 15:00-17:00 (3-5 pm), CET
  3. Demolition of the old Tocón-Montefrío train station called off

    The tender for the demolition works of the Tocón-Montefrío train station, in the province of Granada, put the Íllora Town Council and citizens on alert. At the end of March they started a campaign in networks and collecting signatures with the support of the neighbours and the Montefrío Town Council to save a station that has a great sentimental and symbolic value for these villages.

  4. Achensee Steam Cog Railway, on the 7 Most Endangered list

    In use for over 130 years, the Achensee Railway is a steam operated railway,  Tit is  the oldest still completely preserved rack railway with steam operation in Europe. The whole ensemble is still largely as it was when it was built and opened in 1889. The facilities (vehicles, treatment plants, platforms, railway embankments, track layout etc.) have been in operation and preserved almost unchanged since 1889.which should be celebrated in the European Year of Rail 2021, but is at serious risk of being lost.

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